The Sunrise

Last Wednesday when my alarm went off at 7am to get ready for a teaching day, I noticed something different. Yesterday when my alarm went off at 7am to get ready for Expérience Glendon, I noticed the same thing.

The sun was out.

I tend to spend my winters in hibernation; staying in whenever I can, struggling to wake up in the mornings and struggling to find the motivation I need to get things done. Coincidentally, that’s the time of year when things really pile up.

However, I find that the strangest little things can give me the biggest wake-up calls. I still don’t know what the wake-up call was last year that caused me to become my healthiest self. But what did these early sunrises tell me? They told me it was time to pick up the habits I’d left behind and get my butt in gear. They told me it’s almost Spring, and that my final exams of my degree are right around the corner, followed by job interviews and the working world. They told me that right after Spring comes Summer, so now’s the time to stop making excuses for re-visiting unhealthy habits.

They say it takes three weeks to form a new habit. The truth of this statement could be argued, but regardless there’s no secret to sticking to a routine—you just have to do it. It’s not easy, but only a few days after this wake-up call I’m eating better, sleeping soundly and exercising almost daily, and I’m reaping the benefits all thanks to the sunrise.

What’s your sunrise?

It’s no secret that Instagram is pretty big motivator for me as well. Here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts on my following list that inspire me daily:
Oh She Glows, Andie Mitchell, Essena O’Neill, Nutrition Stripped, Kayla Itsines, Flourishing Health, Nutritionista Renée, The Cucumber Queen (a friend of mine!), Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl), Kerri Verna (Beach Yoga Girl), Kino MacGregor (KinoYoga)


One Word 365: Mindfulness

Fellow blogger Juan introduced us to a really cool movement recently. It’s called One Word 365, and it encourages you to choose one word to embody your goals for the new year. A New Year’s Resolution, in a sense, but simplified!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.30.12 PM

I’ve mentioned plenty of times that I’ve come to find myself with a lot of downtime since moving to Europe. This, in turn, leaves me with a lot of time alone to process my own thoughts. Until now I’ve never found myself at a point in my life where my thoughts were valuable enough to process (seriously, though) and where I had the time to process said thoughts, since I’ve been a busy person since about the age of seven. So I’m sitting here like, what do I do with these… things… going on in my brain?

So, I’ve made it my goal to figure out how I should do just that. And if I were to sum it up into one simple word, it would be mindfulness. I don’t quite know exactly what I’m going to do to be mindful, but I’m going to listen and respond to my own thoughts and figure it all out. I’m also hoping I don’t drive myself completely mental in the process.

Other words similar to mindfulness that I can keep in mind are: awareness, responsiveness, and even peacefulness.

À bientôt, and Happy New Year!