About Gillian

Bonjour! Moi, c’est Gillian, étudiante de cinquième année completing an iBA French Studies at the Glendon Campus and a Concurrent Education at the Keele Campus of York University. After having lived in residence for three years and spent a year on exchange in Brussels, Belgium, I am living the glorified life of a commuter student for my final year.

En tant qu’éducateur aspirante j’ai l’intention d’apprendre à mes élèves à apprécier non seulement l’importance d’une éducation bilingue, mais que l’apprentissage de la langue peut être agréable à condition qu’ils reçoivent un environnement sécuritaire et inclusif dans lequel le faire. As a proud part of an innovative and revolutionary generation of young people knowledgeable in new media literacies and teaching methods, I will be inspired to bring these innovations to my teaching.

Through experiences on and off-campus I have grown passionate about leadership, travel, photography and politics; any opportunity through which I can develop my professional knowledge is something to take advantage of.

What’s next for me? Entry into the world of teaching, moving out for good, and maybe (just maybe) pet ownership. Take a scroll; enjoy!