Living in new places came full-circle in an amazing way; this is how!

Moving from Burlington to Toronto in my first year brought with it a fairly drastic change of pace. Though Burlington is decent in size it could never compare to the endless hustle that Toronto brings, which has brought me to realize that many Glendon students from smaller towns (Kiera, for example) have probably experienced this change of pace much more heavily than I! So, I’ve been inspired to briefly write about how my life in the city has come home with me, and what shaped my time in Toronto. Read on, friends, especially if you’re anxious and/or excited to move to Toronto come the start of university!

I’ve learned from moving to Toronto and also from moving to Brussels that it’s not easy to find your ‘niche’. The reality is: you need to dig for things to do and see for you to really find out what you love to do and see, because the best things in life will never be handed to you on a silver platter! I dug my way through all that Toronto and Brussels have to offer, and I now have a very heightened passion for food and photography; not necessarily the act of eating and taking photos (though both very satisfying), but the appreciation of the effort that goes into each. I have a keen eye for design concepts and photo composition as well, all because I’ve found great enjoyment in exploring the places I’ve lived.

Basically, living in a newer and bigger place will expose you to new passions. That’s pretty cool.

Since I moved back to Burlington from my exchange in Brussels, I’ve noticed a massive change in how I see my hometown. I explore, I appreciate my surroundings, and I have grown fond of anything and everything local. It’s almost as though I haven’t lived here for the last 22 years of my life! I’m excited for you (yes, you) to see if this happens to you as well, because it’s amazing to look at where you grew up through a different lens; a lens that has learned a lot from spending time in new and exciting places.

Enough blabbing; I’m going to leave you with some Toronto-y things that shaped my “digging” experience. Note to residents: Don’t be afraid to get off campus and explore all of Toronto, not just downtown. There’s so much to see in every community!


– St. Lawrence Market
– Sneaky Dee’s (Cheap. Good. That’s all you need in life.)
– Guu Izakaya. A classic go-to for me!
– Anywhere that serves late-night poutine. (Poutini’s? Yes please)

Staple landmarks that aren’t the CN Tower:

– Flatiron Building
– Evergreen Brickworks
– The Roundouse (Steam Whistle Brewing is here!)

Libraries and Places to Study:

– Toronto Reference Library
– FIKA Kensington (On that note, everything in Kensington is the bomb dot com)
– Starbucks Davisville. This location is really special; it has a second floor that looks like this:

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