GO Transit chronicles, pt. 1

8:57pm on a Sunday night: dreading the thought of a 5:55am alarm the following morning to get to an 8:30 class on time. A 15-minute drive and an hour and a half GO bus ride will separate me from the warm coziness I find between my sheets and the harsh reality of forgetting to print off the bibliography for my paper due in the morning.

I’ll be honest, living at home is pretty great. Mostly because there’s a fully-stocked fridge. Kind of because I like living with my parents. But mostly because of the food.

Tomorrow I begin week five of my new life as a commuter student, travelling from Burlington to either Glendon or York three days a week and my teaching placement in Etobicoke one day a week. All of these journeys take me two hours each way which is a big jump from my 30-second saunter to class during my three years living in residence, but there’s nothing I can do but make the best of it. Some of my amateur tips:

Sleep. Just shut your eyes and pretend you’re back in the warm coziness of your bed. Empty seat beside you? Fetal position.

Read. As liberal arts majors, Glendon students have a $%*# load of reading to do each and every week. Before you cry yourself into an oblivion where reading doesn’t exist, remember that your commute affords you the opportunity to read. A lot.

Write or draw, if you’re not fighting over the armrest during a busy rush. But elbow fights can be fun for many. Give it a shot.

Be a music connoisseur. Take the time every weekend to put some new music onto your iPod so that you’ll be entertained for the week ahead! But for the love of God, DO NOT FORGET YOUR HEADPHONES!!!!!

People-watch. *Oh god she just looked me in the eye look away ASAP so it doesn’t seem like I was staring right at her face* —It’s happened to all of us; don’t lie.

Gulp down a grande non-fat latte. I told myself until about a month ago that I would never ever in my entire life rely on coffee to keep me awake. HA!

So, to conclude, commuting has its ups and downs. So far for me it’s been a huge learning process; I’ve had to learn to prioritize my time in a way that I’ve never had to before. I’ve also found myself to be more productive than ever before. Hooray for my procrastination habits [kind of] circling the drain!

Stay tuned for partie deux; because you know I’ll have more transit stories to share! À bientôt. 🙂

Mike, Viva and YRT veteran, posted about his commute last week. I’ll be honest, I’ve never committed myself to a podcast but I’m going to be sure to subscribe to a couple tonight! Maybe that 5:55 alarm won’t be so bad after all.

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