How it all began

My Mum discovered Glendon when I was in grade ten. She put the handbook in front of me and said, “This is what you need to do; there is no doubt in my mind.” In grade ten, I hade made my decision. I was going to go to Glendon no matter what it took. I studied that handbook front to back and back to front and when it came time in grade eleven for a rep from Glendon to visit my French Immersion class, I was beside myself with excitement. I wish I could remember who it was that visited that day, because it was she who I credit for re-affirming all of my dreams. A list of things I had decided when I was a mere fifteen years old (because I’m a huge keener):

  • I was going to go to Glendon
  • I was going to study French
  • I was going to become a French teacher
  • I was going to study abroad during my degree
  • I was going to love all of the above

I have done or am still doing all of these things. WHAT. I wish for all students applying to post-secondary institutions to feel this way about their futures, but the path towards feeling this way is different for every single person! I feel so fortunate to have known so early on what I wanted to do and to have been able to stick to my dreams throughout my years at Glendon, but some of you who are reading this will change their path several times over the next few years. Please know that this is ok! It’s normal to question your previous decisions, and it’s normal to wonder if you would succeed in a different field. The important thing to remind yourself of is that your path, no matter how sharp its turns, is what shapes you as a person to be successful in the future as you face all kinds of insane endeavours. If you’re applying to universities this Fall, I hope that you are considering Glendon as a part of your path. We’re all experiencing our sharp turns together! — eAmbassador Juan wrote a really great post about why he switched programs in his third year. Read it here!

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