Post-travel realizations & optimizing the time I have left

I came to two interesting realizations these past couple of weeks as I travelled through several countries for Spring Break (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany!). I spent some time looking back on the trips we took during first semester, compared them to my trips this semester, and saw a lot of differences. I’ve become much more adventurous in my travelling; I’m comfortable making last-minute decisions, taking in new surroundings, and not even knowing what I’m doing at all. I’m more independent and less paranoid, in substantially better physical and mental shape and, most importantly, learned. As my expense allowance has thinned out substantially, I see myself as less of a tourist in these cities since I’m trying to live as frugally as possible. Restrictions like that, though, have made my travel so much more valuable to me. And who doesn’t love a cheap picnic?!


As excited as I am to have become a much more adventurous person than I have ever been, I think I’ve officially exhausted all of the energy that I could into this year. I’ll never, ever be finished travelling, but I’m definitely finished for now.

IMG_4939Last Seen: Wandering around the continent with a backpack that JUST fits in the overhead compartment.

I have three weeks left in this amazing city (Brussels, of course), but I have to spend most of it studying and preparing for my final presentations. I want to soak up all of the city that I can before I leave so I’ve decided to veto working in the library and spend my time at many of the city’s independent coffee shops, and perhaps take breaks at local restaurants ;). This way, I can have the best of both worlds: productivity and the city. I’ll be writing a post in the coming week about the places I visit, photos included! À bientôt. 🙂

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