As I approach a bittersweet closure…

I know, I know, it’s been forever and a half! Since getting back from Ireland I’ve spent all of my energy getting back into a healthier routine (as I talked about in my last post!) and I must say, I’m feeling pretty darn great! So, here’s a few updates:

There’s no denying that our trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day weekend was our most highly-anticipated trip of the year, and for good reason! We booked it in October knowing that if we waited any longer we would lose our opportunity to experience the greatest party in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I survived the trip, despite getting very little sleep (a full night in an airport to boot) and a horrible cough/nose issue that came on the day we arrived. Ireland was two weeks ago, so since then I’ve been getting my life back together and regaining my productivity before I head off again on another trip tomorrow!

Getting back into a routine always proves difficult no matter the circumstances, but something that’s made it even more of a challenge is that I’m already starting to get my life together at home for when I go back in a month’s time. I’ve been applying for volunteer positions and internships, getting my cell phone plan sorted out, and (the worst part, folks) figuring out how I’m going to get all of my stuff home……

Having things come together at home, though, is helping me to wrap my head around the fact that my exchange is slowly but surely coming to an end. Despite how amazing this year has been, I know that I’ll soon be ready to see all of my family and friends and make the transition back to “real life”. The transition shouldn’t be too difficult, though maybe quite drastic; I start my Summer courses less than 48 hours after my plane lands!

On the whole, my feelings could be accurately described as bittersweet. I leave tomorrow on my last trip out of Belgium for the year, so I need to make it the best adventure yet. I’m heading to Rome, Florence, and Pisa with Meena, and Zurich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Berlin with Jon, a friend and Glendon alum!

À bientôt, friends; I’ll be sure to capture all of the next two weeks’ greatest moments to share with you very soon!

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