In which I ramble on about taking care of myself—you should too!

As I near the end of my exchange (*cue tears*) my funds are running lower and lower. I’ve planned the last of my travels in April and I’ve booked my flight home in May, so all that’s left to do is enjoy the two months I have left. I’m not travelling almost every weekend like I used to, so with more time at home comes more downtime! Remember how in January I chose to be mindful of my mind and body for the whole year? Well, I’ve been using my downtime to do exactly that. I’ve made a total lifestyle 180, and I’m pretty proud of it.

Life as a student, especially in residence, is difficult when it comes to taking care of yourself. Food options are limited (though manageable) and in my first year I found myself surrounded by friends who were staying up until 4am every night of the week with pizza and ‘beverages’. Motivation to exercise was limited, along with that to maintain healthy day-to-day habits. That along with my lack of self-control was a bad mix. I LOVED my first year and everyone who was there with me, but I was heading down a slippery slope towards a really unhealthy life.

Since first year my Freshman “15”—heavy quotations—has fluctuated greatly, as I live and eat really healthily when I’m at home with my parents (shout-out to Mama Wass for being the health nut that she is!). This semester, however, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will keep my habits under control and take command of a healthier lifestyle for good.

I’ve been eating a ~95% clean and gluten-free diet (beer included!) this semester, which has settled my stomach beautifully since I’m gluten-intolerant. My plates are always comprised of at least 50% fruits or vegetables along with my lean proteins, which is something I’ve always known to do but struggled with.

Whoever made this .gif deserves an award. #kale

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day! Pictured are 3-ingredient pancakes (1 banana, 2 eggs, cinnamon) with an apple and low-fat plain greek yogurt. It’s usually this or a packed smoothie (banana, greek yog., kale, frozen berries/mango)—YUM

Having been a dancer I used to be in super-crazy-good shape, but I’ve lost almost all of that in university. Swimming, however, will always be something that I’ll stick with thanks to the best job ever! I’m a self-proclaimed yogi but classes here are expensive far and few between in Brussels, so I bought myself a really cheap mat and have been leading myself through practice whenever I’m feeling distracted or irritated. I’ve also made a habit of practicing Sirsasana headstands every day regardless of whether or not I’m working out, because the benefits are super awesome!

I try to go to bed before 12:30 every night, as opposed to 3 or 4 in the morning like in first semester. When I go to bed at by 12:30 my body clock wakes me up at around 7:30 or 8am, which is pretty darn cool because I get so much more accomplished in a day! I used to always get the same amount of sleep, but clocking that same amount from 3am to 11 never benefitted me and probably doesn’t for anyone.

TL;DR— You can take command of your lifestyle as long as you are mindful of what your body needs and is asking for. And eat your veggies!

But enough about me doing boring, non-travelling stuff. I’m going to Ireland tomorrow and there will most definitely be a post about that next week!

One thought on “In which I ramble on about taking care of myself—you should too!

  1. yay for taking care of yourself! looking forward to trying out that pancake recipe… it looks fab (and breakfast is totally my favourite meal too)! props also for sleeping earlier…. it makes such a difference!

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