My mind tends to wander. I could live in my brain for days and be pleasantly occupied. It’s actually less of a tendency and more of an obsession, to be honest. So, naturally, I have to keep my head occupied with useful things like reading or talking to others. Easy enough!
Living in a new city, though, has given me this cool opportunity to use my head in an interesting way. I wander the city and wherever I end up, I end up. If I’m sitting at home with nothing to do, I’ll grab my list of things in the city that I haven’t seen yet and I’ll hop on a bus or a tram and go there. After knocking said ‘thing to see’ off of my list, I’ll just wander aimlessly about until my feet get tired or it starts raining. Because it rains every single day in Brussels, of course.
About a week ago I had a bit of time to spare between studying for exams so I grabbed the list and decided to go to a spot that I’ve had my eye on since September. It was a tram stop up in the north-east-ish end of the city along the STIB (Brussels’ transit system) 44 tram line. This tram stop is something. else. My friends thought I was crazy when I told them I was going out for the afternoon to go look at a tram stop, but they’re the ones who missed out, to be honest! When I get computer access I’ll add photos to this post, but I haven’t quite figured out how to do it on my iPad!
We just finished up exams this week in Brussels, so with twelve days until classes start for second semester, I decided to hop on the opportunity to travel for twelve days! I’ve already visited Paris and Rouen, and now I’m in Caen, the capital of Lower Normandy in France. Next is Saint-Malo, then Rennes, Tours, and finally London for three days. Now THAT’s what I call wandering.

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