I did something exciting!

I changed my program a little bit! Just a little bit, though. Not a lot. Because I graduate next year. And that freaks me out. In a good way.

I added an English minor to my degree! I was originally specializing in Honours French Studies, which means I take double the major elective credits of a regular honours degree in French Studies. After much deliberation, I recently decided that specializing in French wasn’t necessary for teaching, but having a second teachable subject under my belt could definitely help me out in the future. But since I’m on exchange in a French-speaking country, it would be difficult to take equivalent English courses here. SO, I’m officially enrolled at Athabasca University, a Canadian institution that offers online courses in anything and everything. I’ll be taking  a 6-credit Literature for Children course starting in a couple of weeks!

Between now and graduation I’ll be able to combine my English credits earned at Glendon and my Athabasca credits to total the 30 credits needed for an English minor. If you’re ever uncertain about a program/degree change because you don’t think you’ll have enough time to fulfill your requirements, explore your options because it’s probably doable! Though you can’t complete all of your credits at another institution, Glendon is quite flexible with transferring credits. Yay for that!

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