Some enjoyable sounds: my Fall 2013 playlist

It’s not unknown to friends and family that I listen to music 24/7. I’ve been itching to share what I’ve been enjoying lately, so I’ve compiled a short list of albums/artists that you should definitely check out!

Quick pro-tip: There are seemingly infinite amounts of awesome Canadian Indie-Pop/Rock groups, but some are hard to find. CBC Music and BRBR TFO are pretty much the mecca of awesome Canadian music. Follow @CBCMusic, @CBCRadio3, and @BRBRTFO on Twitter; your ears will love you for it.
Without any further ado, I give you a small part of my soul (a.k.a. my iTunes library):

“The Chase” from Groenland. I have no words for this album; it’s AMAZING. Groenland is an Indie-Pop group hailing from Montréal, so you should definitely take a listen to them for the sole reason that they’re Canadian! I found them after I downloaded a mix-tape from BRBR. Favourite track: 26 Septembre. (My birthday!)

I went to CBC Music Fest in the Summer and was introduced to some really amazing artists. Aidan Knight was one of them:

“Trouble Will Find Me” from The National. Favourite track: I Need My Girl.

Passenger, Passenger, and more Passenger. All the Passenger.

“Native” from OneRepublic. Favourite track: Something’s Gotta Give.

“The Golden Age” from Woodkid. Favourite track: Conquest of Spaces.

I’ve heard a mixed-bag of reviews of Lady Gaga‘s most recent album, ARTPOP, but I love it! It’s weird, interpretive, sexy, and all-around perfect. Slay, Gaga, slay. Favourite track: Gypsy.

And although I don’t listen to it 24/7, I am known to need my electronic fix; it’s a genre of music that I genuinely appreciate regardless of opinions  stating that electronic artists are “not real talents”. LIES, ALL LIES.
I had listened to Bakermat in the past, but I’ve been much more exposed to him and other European artists since I’ve been in Brussels. He produces some solid study music:

Happy listening et à bientôt!

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