From Paris to productivity

We made a very spontaneous decision to go on one last adventure before cracking down on schoolwork for the rest of the semester. PARIS! Yup; we booked last Monday and visited from Thursday until Sunday. I can easily say that Paris is my favourite city so far from the ones that we’ve visited, though I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it was. I’d heard a lot about Parisians’ nose-in-the-air attitudes and the city’s lack of cleanliness, but I didn’t see too much of that while we were there. I was far too mesmerized by the stunning architecture everywhere, and the fast-paced vibe of city (in European standards, that is). We spent a lot of time with Ana’s Aunt, Uncle, and cousin, who live in the Montmartre area. It was nice to feel some familial warmth, even if it wasn’t that of my own family.

Our itinerary was unintentionally packed for the three days of sightseeing that we had. We saw just about everything there was to see in the city, and we didn’t realize how much walking we did until we got back to Ana’s aunt and uncle’s apartment and sprawled out on the couch. Our. Feet. HURT. But it was so worth it!

I’ve discovered the ‘gallery’ option for sharing my photos, which I highly approve of. I only wish I’d been able to share my previous posts’ photos like this! Live and learn, live and learn.

Just click on any photo and you can scroll through!

Now that we’re back to reality, we’ve started to really crack down on studying and overall productivity. In order to help me do these absurd (jk, jk) things, I decided I needed to spruce up my room so that I’d actually enjoy using it as a workspace. Because my room is a bit narrow, it’s difficult to get a shot of the entire thing, but below you’ll see that I brightened it up with some indoor lighting and party decorations (hidden on the left)! Hooray for pretty bedrooms 🙂


Since our semester’s travels have come to an end, I’ve got a variety of different posts lined up that are non-travel related. I’ll have my head buried in the books but I’ll be around. 🙂

À bientôt!


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