Armistice in Ypres

November’s a rough one. The weather has taken a turn for the worst in Brussels and I’m constantly looking for ways to stay motivated. However, Monday was one of those days that made me feel very fortunate to be in Europe this year. Ana and I travelled two hours on a train to Ypres (Ieper), a town on the west side of Belgium for Armistice ceremonies. In Canada November 11th is known as Remembrance Day; we participate in ceremonies at school, at work, and at city hall. Here in Belgium Armistice is a national holiday, so we didn’t think there would be any better way to spend it than to visit a historically-renowned town from World War 1.

IMG_1508The town’s main square was full of ceremony onlookers from all over the world.


The upper level of Menin Gate, its walls lined with names of the fallen.

IMG_3227Menin Gate

IMG_9769A beautiful splash of colour at the Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

IMG_1559Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

IMG_1815It was a cold day; all the more reason to drink a cold Belgian beer!

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