I did some travelling! (this is a long one.)

I’ve been out and about for the last little bit! Notable locations include Prague, Amsterdam, and a few spots in England.

After a gruelling 18-hour bus ride with very few pit stops, we arrived in the stunning city of Prague on a late Thursday night. We spent our first night wandering through old-town and we found ourselves at the Prague Beer Museum to do a little bit of tasting. The real adventuring happened during the day, though! I have to say, Prague offers one of the most magical views I’ve ever seen.


We saw some phenomenal architecture,


but this view from the Powder Tower (whose winding staircase I did not particularly enjoy) won me over.


The river that passes through the city was lined with some beautiful parks where we spent hours and hours walking/hanging out/taking photos!


This is the view from a Starbucks patio. I know.

And then, before I knew it (six days later), I was in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam really proved to me that travelling for only a couple of hours can take you to somewhere so unbelievably different than where you were before. I saw more bikes on the road than cars (ah-mazing)!

As expected, the many canals in the City’s centre were very picturesque.


So I obviously had to take photos with them!


I went to the Heineken Experience solo and proved my true love for a good beer.


We walked. A lot. Example of walking location above^. My legs are getting super toned from all of this tourist-ing!

IMG_3124This is just one of those photos that you can’t not take when you go to Amsterdam. Dam.

After four days in Amsterdam, I flew into London to spend the next five days with one of my best friends from Burlington, Diana! She’s a student at the University of Brighton’s Eastbourne Campus on the southern coast of England. I didn’t realize until after I booked the trip that I would be with her for Halloween. Well, this was bound to be a good time.


And that it was. We looked really creepy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 8.01.49 PM

At the Brighton Pier; arcade games and carnival rides galore!

And we went to London, of course!
I just about cried when we got to Westminster Abbey.

The Queen is “in”.


St James’ Park is home to the Princess Diana Memorial Walk, and appropriately so; the park is stunning!

IMG_9336 And another one of those photos you can’t not do. I’m so proud of myself for this one :’)

We only spent a day in London, so I definitely plan on going back next semester because I want to be able to take in more of the perfection!

So, it’s needless to say that I’m totally wiped from all of this travelling. But is that stopping me? NOPE. I’m heading to Paris on Thursday for four days! Stay tuned et à bientôt!

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