Beautiful Barcelona!

This post has been a long time coming; sorry for the delay! So, I present to you, Barcelona for my 21st Birthday! I’ve inserted the photos into the post all at once and they seem to have gone in a backwards chronological order. But that’s ok! You’ll get the idea.


The beach at La Barceloneta. Since we were only in the city for three days we didn’t have time to spend a day on the beach, but from what I saw from my walk on the boardwalk, it was beautiful!


If you’re a Cheetah Girls fan, you’ll know that this is an iconic spot in the city! We were dying to get a photo here à la Cheetah, but we didn’t have enough time to go back after our bus tour. 😦


As you can imagine, Barcelona houses a lot of stadiums from the Olympics and for FC Barcelona.


There were Desigual stores EVERYWHERE.


The Barcelona Cathedral made for some nice photos!


And so did this side-street.


What I loved most about Barcelona was the huge difference between old town and new town, and that you can see that difference within minutes on a bus.

IMG_2072 IMG_2063

“Homenatge als Castellers” by Antoni Llena is a monument representing the human towers created at festivals in Catalonia, like this one:




La Sagrada Familia: forever under construction.


We also went to Parc Güell, a gorgeous park/garden/site of architectural genius up a hill called El Carmel. Just causally posing with this cute lil’ dragon (whose tiling detail is not to be believed!)


Doing some admiring.


The view wasn’t too bad, either.




Meena and I being sassy, as per usual


Most of the photos I took at night are on a disposable camera that I haven’t gotten developed yet, but I have this one that I took with my phone! The guy on the right was staying at our hostel, and he’s actually from a small town in Scotland where I danced/competed when I was younger!


This was our first trip of many to come and if they are all as memorable as this one was, I’ll have on hell of a year’s worth of stories to tell. I am so excited.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

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