2 days in Iceland, and I have a lot to say about it

I can’t not write a massively long post about my layover in Iceland. It lasted exactly 50 hours and it was AHHHH-MAZING. My first stop after my four hour wait at the airport was Blue Lagoon. Can’t say I wasn’t massively excited for this! Check it out:

Photo 2013-09-10 11 30 06 AM

I swam around for an hour or so, and although I never wanted to get out because it was SO cold outside, there’s only so much swimming that one can do my themselves before they get really bored! A warning to readers who are thinking about tripping it to Iceland and going to Blue Lagoon: DO NOT PUT YOUR HAIR IN THE WATER. It’s been five days since I swam and my hair is a disaster: frizzy, dry, broken, horrendous. I’ve been treating it like crazy, but it hasn’t gotten much better yet! That aside, Blue Lagoon was breathtaking and such a relaxing experience.

I also spent a good chunk of my time in Iceland on a tour through the ‘Golden Circle’, hitting up the biggest natural landmarks that Iceland has to offer!

Photo 2013-09-11 12 55 35 PM

Selfie at the Gulfoss Waterfall- video here: http://instagram.com/p/eIKmzYjBPY/

The North American and European tectonic plates!

The North American and European tectonic plates!


Strokkur Geyser- video here: http://instagram.com/p/eILC2xjBAC/

My favourite photo from the trip

My favourite photo from the trip

When I wasn’t being a massive tourist, I would walk around downtown and drool over the unbelievably beautiful ($$$$) clothes in shop windows and attempt to take artsy photos:



There was an awesome graffiti park behind my apartment; granted this photo doesn’t do their artistic skills justice, but Icelandics seem to feel strongly about this kind of messaging

Photo 2013-09-10 5 37 54 PM

The last thing I expected to see in downtown Reykjavik, but it turns out that they’re a very socialist/forward-thinking/accepting population on the whole

There's some phenomenal modern architecture to counter the cute and colourful old buildings scattered around!

There’s some phenomenal modern architecture to counter the cute and colourful old buildings scattered around!

It’s interesting, travelling alone: I found myself eating and drinking by myself in restaurants, chatting with middle-aged couples from all over the world about my aspirations and my year abroad. A year ago I could have never imagined myself having the courage to do anything like this without anyone there with me, but now I just want to re-live those two days over and over. Every single person I’ve spoken with about this trip, I’ve told them that I would move to Iceland in a heartbeat! The country is nothing short of visionary, especially when it comes to their passion for green initiatives. All of their heat and power comes from geothermal sources, meaning that it is generated and stored in the earth without the use of hot water tanks and other technologies that we use in North America. To put it into perspective a bit more, our tour guide (who lives in a 100m2 apartment with heated floors) pays $40 US per month on utilities. WHAT. EVEN.

In general, Iceland thinks in a very forward manner; far more forward than we do here in Canada in the US. Without doing any research, one would have no idea what this country has in store for them. Seriously though, I would move there. Tomorrow.

So, I’ll finish it off with the very first piece of media I saw/read when I arrived in Iceland. I WANT MARKETING LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN IN CANADA. That is all.

photo (1)

Zoomed in on the text: “Origins of this saying are slightly obscure. Was its inception fuelled by the desire for glorious summer during the darkness and discontent of winter? The absence of vegetation in the seemingly endless black lava fields and lifeless sandbanks? Or blissful ignorance of existence of radiating plutonium? Who knows. But since it’s an old proverb, it must be true.”

Post about my first week in Brussels is soon to come! À bientôt!

2 thoughts on “2 days in Iceland, and I have a lot to say about it

  1. This was awesome! I am a lone travellor living abroad in London as is, and wanting to get the most of all my travel minutes, i was looking into flights back home, and the best one for my budget has a 50 hour layover in Iceland, my options are either to book another more expensive flight, or, go on one more cross continental adventure before I reach the icy fortress of Canada. After reading your post, I’m leaning towards the adventure times. Any suggestions as to who to book with for my super short excursion?

    • Hey Robin! You should totally go for the layover; mine was about 50 hours as well. Iceland was a completely new world for me, though it had a lot of similarities to home as it did differences. I stayed with ‘Room With a View’, which was a bit pricey, but I wasn’t up for a hostel while I was there. I did my Golden Circle Tour with Gateway to Iceland, and I forget who I did Blue Lagoon with but they have a kiosk at the airport right where you’d get on the bus (it’s not too difficult to find!)
      Have so much fun and let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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