Some pre-departure thoughts

Am I in denial about leaving for exchange?

… Maybe a little bit.

It really does scare me; the thought of me being in a completely different country for ten whole months (granted, I should be back for Christmas). My Summer has been very dedicated to my life at home, and it’s going to be unbearably difficult to leave it all behind.

At the same time, though, I’m very reassured that exchange will be the most valuable experience of my life. Why? Because reasons.

Reason #1: The people who I’m going to miss the most (and vice versa) are the people who are most excited for me.

Reason #2: I’m going to have two of my closest friends by my side the entire time; yay friends!

Reason #3: I’m going to have some really, really wicked stories to tell for the rest of my life.

But have I started packing? That’s the real question.

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