The Sunrise

Last Wednesday when my alarm went off at 7am to get ready for a teaching day, I noticed something different. Yesterday when my alarm went off at 7am to get ready for Expérience Glendon, I noticed the same thing.

The sun was out.

I tend to spend my winters in hibernation; staying in whenever I can, struggling to wake up in the mornings and struggling to find the motivation I need to get things done. Coincidentally, that’s the time of year when things really pile up.

However, I find that the strangest little things can give me the biggest wake-up calls. I still don’t know what the wake-up call was last year that caused me to become my healthiest self. But what did these early sunrises tell me? They told me it was time to pick up the habits I’d left behind and get my butt in gear. They told me it’s almost Spring, and that my final exams of my degree are right around the corner, followed by job interviews and the working world. They told me that right after Spring comes Summer, so now’s the time to stop making excuses for re-visiting unhealthy habits.

They say it takes three weeks to form a new habit. The truth of this statement could be argued, but regardless there’s no secret to sticking to a routine—you just have to do it. It’s not easy, but only a few days after this wake-up call I’m eating better, sleeping soundly and exercising almost daily, and I’m reaping the benefits all thanks to the sunrise.

What’s your sunrise?

It’s no secret that Instagram is pretty big motivator for me as well. Here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts on my following list that inspire me daily:
Oh She Glows, Andie Mitchell, Essena O’Neill, Nutrition Stripped, Kayla Itsines, Flourishing Health, Nutritionista Renée, The Cucumber Queen (a friend of mine!), Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl), Kerri Verna (Beach Yoga Girl), Kino MacGregor (KinoYoga)


The application process and your “digital footprint”

It’s funny how unintentionally circular life can be. Five years ago I was frantically putting together my supplementary application for my Concurrent Bachelor of Education, just as many of you who are reading this are doing. Today, I am (not frantically) polishing my applications to school boards for teacher hiring.

Five years flew by in what seems like five seconds, but when I look back I am always so surprised and proud of all that I accomplished in that time. And, not surprisingly, the easiest way for me to look back is to scroll through what I’ve posted online—also known as my digital footprint.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned over these past five years as a student, an educator and an eAmbassador, it’s that an online presence is not only delicate but crucial to have. Contrary to popular belief, changing your name on Facebook and disappearing off the face of the internet is not the answer. Give yourself a persona that will make you undoubtedly hirable by putting yourself out there; make your Twitter and Instagram feeds public and fill them with content relevant to your professional field, and make online networking connections with higher-ups that could potentially help you out post-grad.

It can be as simple as something like this:

On a similar note to that of relevant content, start to be mindful of how your work and volunteer experiences are relevant to what you want to do in the future; you’ll get your “edge” from the skills that you can draw from your experiences and bring to your career. I have grown aware of how adaptable the skills I acquired through my leadership experiences really are, and I am very grateful to have had those opportunities.

Still putting your supplementary application together? Keep everything relevant and concise—maybe your first job delivering newspapers isn’t all that, but maybe your experience mentoring incoming high school students is! Choose references that have seen you in those “all that” capacities, because they’re the ones who will really be able to show you off to the decision-makers.

Bonne chance, and comment below if you have any questions about your application(s)!

PS. Interested in scoping out my relevant experience since high school? Visit my linkedIN profile; I worked really hard on it… 🙂

On becoming a real person

I’ve applied to graduate, I’ve taken my grad photos, and I officially have one semester until I’m finished my undergrad!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.27.58 AM

killin’ it

So why am I unbelievably jam-packed with things to do over the holidays?! There is only one answer to this question: I am becoming a real person.

I’m spending time overhauling my resume and writing cover letters because some job postings have gone up and there are even more to come. I’m seeking out professional development opportunities to round myself out, and I’m reaching out to experts in my field for any and all trade secrets. I’m taking what I’ve learned as an eAmbassador into my career as a teacher with a digital footprint. Coming to university, I would have never thought that a strong knowledge of so many different technologies and new media platforms would be so necessary!

And, most importantly, I’m getting the students ready for their Holiday Show at school next week. Priorities, folks!

As scary as this journey into reality has become, I have never felt better prepared for something in my life and I have no one to thank for that other than myself (and maybe my parents)!

À bientôt 🙂